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Carme Villas - Luxury Villas in Crete


Carme residential complex is comprised of twelve luxurious villas of 80 sq.metres each, which are located in six two story separate buildings.

The calmness, the quietness, the beautiful Cretan environment, the comfort of the newly constructed residences of Carme complex and Cretan hospitality are the elements that make this place so special.

The twelve luxury villas was built by high quality design and high quality materials in a sophisticated and intimate space of Cretan landscape that highlights their beauty.

Each two story luxurious residence provides an external swimming pool 3,5m x 5m, patio furniture, sunbeds while in the internal space there is a kitchen, a bathroom and a lounge the sofa of which can be converted into a double bed.

On the first floor there are two bedrooms, which are connected by a sliding door, and the central WC. One of the bedrooms is actually a twin bedroom whereas the other one has a single sofa-bed.

One spacious balcony comes to accomplish the first floor while the large verandas of the basement lead to the external swimming pool and the big garden.