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Carme Villas - Luxury Villas in Crete

The 5 Star ***** recently constructed villas Carme are built in a verdurous and particularly quiet environment in an olive grove of 12.000 sq.metres at the village Adele. They are situated 800m from the sea and they are only in a distance of 10 min. by car from the centre of the town of Rethymno.

The 12 luxurious villas provide every visitor with the chance to experience carefree holidays and feel the calmness that both the superb view to the sea and the imperious Psiloritis (Mount Ida), the highest mountain peak of Crete can create.

The name Carme has been inspired by the Greek (Olympian) mythology. Carme was an ancient Cretan goddess. She was known as the mother, by Zeus, of the virginal huntress Britomartis, also called Diktynna. Carme has also been referred to either as the daughter of Euboulos or as the daughter of Cassiopeia.

Nowadays, Carme is the name of a group of satellites orbiting planet Jupiter. Here are the names of the moons that constitute Carme group: Herse, Pasithee, Chaldene, Arche, Isonoe, Erinome, Kale, Aitne, Taygete, Kalyke, Eukelade, Kallichore.